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About me

Wendy Collins

I am a wife, mother, primary school teacher, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. However, I feel that I am not defined by just one role but feel that over time I have evolved into the person I am today – Wendy.

In 2013 I decided to make some massive changes to my lifestyle and in essence to my family’s lifestyle. I was 50kg overweight after having my second child and trapped in a cycle of unhealthy eating and constantly feeling tired. I made the decision I didn’t want to be a sideline mum, I wanted to be present and active in my children’s lives and be a better role model for my girls.

I joined a 12-week challenge and tackled it over the Christmas holidays (what was I thinking!). It was hard work, however, I learned that the easiest part was moving more and eating better, the hardest part was breaking the cycle of unhealthy eating and changing my mindset.

What started as a personal journey to improve my health, 

has turned into a passion for helping others.

My Philosophy

Everyone is different, we all come to the table with different expectations, issues, concerns, and family backgrounds.

What works for you, may not work for the next person. There is no quick fix or easy solution. No one diet or fitness style that works for everyone.

My first questions are always:

  • What is your goal?
  • What does healthy look like to you?

Let me help you navigate to your version of healthy.

Personal Training

My goal is to inform and inspire you to want to lead a healthy and an active lifestyle. I aim to educate you on different training styles in a fun and supportive environment and enable you to achieve your goals no matter what your fitness level is.

I offer varied training services:

  • Online
  • Individual personal training
  • Small group
  • Group Fitness

Nutrition Coaching

There are many nutrition crazes and body transformation challenges – you may have tried some.

They may have worked for you and the kilograms fell away. Then you stopped being told what to eat and now the weight is slowly creeping back on.

As a coach, I will guide you to find out what works for “YOU” and empower you to create your own “OWNER’S MANUAL” for a healthier lifestyle.

Who is this for?

Individuals who want a realistic, long-term, healthy relationship with food, their bodies, and their health.

This coaching approach provides strategic practices and a methodical education in nutrition basics along with regular feedback to help keep clients consistent with their healthy eating habits.

Description of services:

  • Initial intake assessment of health, habits and goals.
  • Comprehensive 12-month habit-based nutrition education and online coaching.
  • New nutrition and health-related habit focus every 2 weeks.
  • Daily lessons related to current habit. Lessons take 5-10 minutes to read. Audio versions are also available.
  • Separate curriculum for men and women


I’m a very regular gym goer and never really understood the point of a PT. I was planning on asking Wendy to just write a program that I could do on my own. But after several amazing (and punishing) sessions with her, I’m hooked! Thank you, Wendy.

Desaliegh Brennan

Wendy is an amazing trainer. I came to her being unsure, a bit insecure about myself and definitely not confident in what I could do. Wendy was patient, she listened to my concerns, and pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. She was always encouraging and supportive, never forcing me to do anything I didn’t feel comfortable doing. Wendy seemed to be able to anticipate what I would need beforeI realised I needed it. I 1000% recommend her, she is an amazing person.

Lesley Goodwill

Since starting with Wendy at Lifefit PT in August 2016, I have become a completely different person.

When I first saw Wendy I felt like a “fat cow”. I weighed 85kgs and was very self-conscious of my body and how I looked. Since then I have worked hard to change my lifestyle to get back to being fit and healthy.  Wendy taught me that the scales are not the only thing to consider when becoming healthy. The tape measure soon assured me that she was right.

Wendy has helped me to reshape my body and change the way I think about exercise and nutrition.  I now eat healthier and exercise 5 (sometimes 6) times a week and it has literally become an addiction.

Thanks, Lifefit PT you have changed my life for the better…

Christina Schmidt

One day or day one?

You Decide.

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